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Red Bull Dressings - Now Available On-Line
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Red Bull Inn, known throughout the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area for its fine dining and award winning salad bars, is proud to offer its Red Bull Inn Dressings to consumers. Enjoy the rich, robust taste of our original Italian house dressings right at your own dinner table. Whether you prefer the freshness of our Original Homemade Italian or the zesty kick of our Tri Pepper Italian, you will find these cholesterol free, low calorie & low fat dressings irresistible. But don't stop at your salad bowl - these dressing can also be used to give a refreshing twist to many other recipes. Use it to marinade meats and vegetables or simply toss it into your favorite pasta salad. With so many uses, Red Bull Dressings add flavor to almost any meal.
 What makes The Bull The Best?
The robust taste of Red Bull Dressing. It is what brings more people over to the Red Bull label. Rich, full flavor they don't find in other dressings. And that happens because of the way we make Red Bull. 
In small batches. In the fine restaurant style. With ingredients that really make a difference in taste. Hand pressed garlic. Fresh ground Italian pepper. 100% canola oil. Nothing but the best. We go out of our way to make Red Bull dressing the best dressings you can put on your salad. And that is the difference that makes customers happy. And keeps them coming back for more.


Red Bull Dressing is prepared by
Fleck Foods, Inc., Carnegie, PA


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